Succulent Singles

Evening 7-9.30pm

You know the type: the relationships you have when you’re not having a relationship!. Once upon a time if you were single, it meant you weren’t having any intimate relationships. Nowadays, that’s not so true. In fact singles are having all sorts of relationships with varying degrees of intimacy, sex and touch. Occasionally however, some people do not treat these relationships with the respect and consideration that ALL relationships require… and so many people find themselves emotionally hurt, withdrawn and battle-weary. Join us for an insightful evening workshop. Frances Amaroux – Lovecoach extraordinaire – has coached 1000s of singles and couples on how to manage these relationships with more honesty, care and consciousness so they are more fun and fulfilling.

  • Have you ever had a ‘Friends with Benefits’, a CuddleBuddy, a Bootycall relationship?
  • Would you benefit from better managing these relationships to ensure they are more fun, conscious and growthful.
  • Find out how to make these new forms of relationships really work for you.
  • Learn vocabulary and guidelines to increase closeness, intimacy and touch whilst being single and supposedly “out of a relationship”..

Attendees will receive a copy of Frances Amaroux’s ‘Succulent Singles” Ebook. A condensation of a longer book she is writing on the topic.  This is an evening event, 7.00pm-9.30pm.