Women’s Sexuality Secrets

Have you ever wondered if there is more to sex, orgasm and your sexual potential? have you ever had any questions around your lady bits and no one to ask? Well…. here is your opportunity to learn in a a fun safe educational environment with heart. This is a fascinating one day workshop for women to discover a whole new way of relating to your self, your orgasm and your sexual potential. By learning the ins-and-outs of your own arousal system, energetics and anatomy, you will breakthrough to a new level of sensual self-mastery and orgasm. Expand your awareness, leave behind outmoded belief systems, shed old myths and release prior conditioning. Our day is rich, deep, light-hearted and fun, filled with valuable information, experiential practices, discussions, videos, demos, that will empower you to live as a sexually awakened woman.

What you will learn:

  • Busting the myths of female sexuality, how those play out in your relating with men
  • Mapping our female anatomy
  • Female arousal system and how it works
  • Breast-awakening & breast-womb connection
  • Learn the many different¬†types of orgasm
  • Why women shut down and how we open
  • Presence vs¬†performance : moving beyond the patriarchal paradigm of sexuality
  • How to awaken your intuitive self-touch
  • Knowing what you want & how to ask for it
  • Self-loving practices, getting creative with touch
  • Breathing your body open, awakening the senses
  • Proven practices that heal sexual dysfunction