Sexuality on the Brain


Ever heard “Love is a drug”? As soon as we have sex, we are playing with FIRE ! If you want the heat, but not the burn, learn THE LATEST TRUTHS OF DATING, MATING AND RELATING, including the latest on neurobiology, attachment theory, sexual chemistry and conscious choice in our connections. Whether your playing field is short or long-term, casual or committed, there are simple ways to ensure that the love-drug leads you to “more gain, less pain” in your relating experiences. This is a fun, enlightening full day Workshop for men and women to master how to stay on top of the game(s) and to play for the win-win. Ever had times where you felt you lost the plot, or ran away fast, feeling that was a close escape. Or where what seemed a dream turned to nightmare, and now you’d rather stay home and wash your hair/your car. Does it have to be this way? You can feel more empowered in attracting and creating mutually fulfilling, fun, respectful connections. You can feel more confident in ensuring your relationships, whatever their shape and size, are evolutionary not undermining.

In this workshop we share skills in:

  • Co-creating win-win connections using simple effective strategies
  • The latest neurobiology around sex, love, dating and relating
  • Understanding the impact of brain chemistry in your choices
  • Defining the type of relationship you are in, to prevent misunderstandings
  • Initiating conscious conversations around boundaries
  • How not to waste time with unsuitable or mismatched partners
  • Establishing healthy dynamics to play fair and upfront
  • Tapping into your body wisdom for the deeper truth
  • Chemistry vs conscious choice – the left/right brain balance
  • What does neuroscience say about having sex early in a relationship
  • Creating healthy closures for baggage-free re-entry to the next relationship

As well as the latest cutting edge research there will be lots of fun and interactive activities.