Radical Intimacy – Fierce & Fabulous Loving


Master the art of intimate communication – it’s your path to a great relationship. Join us for a delicious day of learning how to relate in a way that gets your innermost desires fulfilled. We all have a birthright to be in a cherishing relationship: to be both cherished and cherish the other.  But do you hesitate to ask for what you want?. Do you know what you want?. Do you know the quality of intimacy you want? Are you getting the connection or spontaneity you want and/or are you stuck in unsatisfying routines?. Do you want to go more deeply with your lover? Is talking about sex a challenge and/or do you want to spice up your sex life and bring more fun into the bedroom? What changes can you make to create more intimacy on an ongoing basis?. Whether single, coupled, or dating, we will share accessible communication techniques and touch skills that will help you open up to each other. Learn ways to weave a “relational culture” into your connections to establish real mutuality. We also share the interpersonal dynamics that can undermine what we most desire, and ways to shift the axis back to what is loving, intimate and relational. We include a mix of interactive activities, case examples and role-plays to ensure this is a deeply experiential day.

We all want quality connections, we want passion and we want to feel close and understood and safe to share our truths. There are actually simple and effective ways to achieve all of this, which we would love to share with you. What you will learn:

  • learn to identify what you truly want
  • learn how to get what you want in intimacy
  • learn what limits you, for example: guilt or shame
  • how to push through your fears to share your desires
  • what changes can be made to create more intimacy on an ongoing basis
  • how to find your voice, speak your truth and express your needs
  • learn simple ways to open conversation to be heard without judgement
  • learn techniques around consent and boundaries
  • how to establish real connection and mutuality
  • learn creative ways to spice things up or rekindle the passion

You can enjoy more open-hearted, expansive, experiences so that your relationships are more relaxed, fun and sustainable. This is a deep, fun and illuminating workshop.