Frances Amaroux, Maddy Michi, Ben Gair and John Bennati have combined their talents to bring you a suite of leading edge workshops on all things relational. We are passionate about creating experiences which open you to defining, attracting and sustaining the quality of love you desire in life.

Frances Amaroux

Maddy Michi

Ben Gair

John Bennati

is a Therapist who has been helping singles and couples attract and create wonderful relationships for over 25 years. Her approach is empathetic, open-minded and non-judgemental.

is a certified Somatic Sex Educator, offering Relationship & Intimacy coaching and Tantra tuition. Maddy empowers clients in exploring and evolving their full sexual and relational potential.

is a somatic Sexological Bodyworker, whose training includes tantra, rebirthing, kahuna massage, kinesiology, spiral practitioner, meditation, and numerous energy-work practices.

is a ‘Muscle Doctor’ and developer of Muscle Corrective Therapy (MCT). His Pelvic Release & Integration process addresses chronic sexual dysfunctions, promoting sexual health in clients.

Creating great relationships, with oneself and with others, is learned – few of us have a “natural bent”. If you lacked good relational modelling (most of us have), there is both a ‘New Science’ and ‘Sacred Sexuality’ ethos that inspires more healthy, evolved ways of relating. Our workshops cover this and more, in a fun, experiential and empowering way.

Our workshops cater to singles, couples, men, women, all genders and all sexual orientations. While our focus is on sacred, or conscious sexuality, we also bring a broader palette of wisdom and knowledge including the latest on neurobiology, attachment theory, and skills and strategies for successful dating, mating and relating.

Our highest values are a commitment to being open-minded, non-judgemental and inclusive; as well as curious folk and tantra folk, we also welcome poly, kink and GLBTIQ folk to the Circle. Below is a broad suite of workshops we offer, some currently open for booking, and others will be scheduled again in the near future.


The latest on neurochemistry’s impact on our dating, mating and relating.
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Mastering the art of communication in relating with lovers.

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Consciously managing ‘friends with benefits’ and ‘cuddle-buddy’ relationships.

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How to touch with presence and invoke the healing pleasure of tantric connection.
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Build confidence in awakening the beauty of the feminine through touch & deep presence.
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Learn what matters to become a masterful lover and take your love-life to new heights.
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Discover new ways of relating to yourself; reclaim your sensual empowerment.
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The heart-wall phenomenon and how to unblock the heart energy using the Emotion codes
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What I loved about the course was the frank and open discussion of sexuality and sensuality .. the opportunity to ask any and all questions. I learned truly valuable tips about how to use “touch” with lovers to communicate things that I never thought was possible!
I am still benefiting from the workshop even today.

Liam - Sexuality Secrets for Men Workshop

Thank you for the wonderful sessions. I felt at ease and extremely comfortable with you and am excited about the connection I can now find wthin myself after this work. I’m excited about the potential to unlock what feels like has been suppressed for so long.
The laughter was such a positive in supporting the trust I felt.

Steven - with Madeleine

The workshop was really outstanding; it was also an eye-opener. I learnt many new things about the male anatomy – how to pleasure it, things I would never have dreamed of… and the kind of pressures men are under. I would thoroughly recommend it for all women: the teachers are great, the knowledge lasts a lifetime. I also had a lot of fun. Elle - Tantra Massage for Women Workshop

What a wonderful introduction into the art of Flirting you gave us at the HAI workshop!!  Frances, you are a breath of fresh air, and your session brought us fun and laughter as well as connection, uplifting the mood. You helped to re-direct people’s attitudes and thinking. Thank you! Andrew - Art of Flirting Workshop

Thank you so much for the special gifts you shared with us – helping us understand ourselves and each other more intimately, and giving us the tools and skills to navigate the difficult times on our journey. We will always be most grateful for your support then, now and in the future. Jan & Brian - with Frances

I got a lot out of the “Sexuality on the Brain” workshop. It has allowed me to crystallise some emerging ideas on my relationship with the feminine and brought some totally new ideas to my attention. The role-play exercises were great –  the day was absorbing and went so quickly. Neil - Sexuality on the Brain Workshop

I had a lovely day doing the massage for men workshop. I really enjoyed the way in which the information was delivered by the women. I left having gained information on how to please my woman. I have used these techniques with her and taken our lovemaking to a new level. Felipe - Tantra Massage for Men Workshop

My husband and I think Frances is fabulous. She has chops as a poly counsellor and understands the intricacies and complexities of building relationships within a poly framework, whatever that may be for the couple concerned. Thanks to Frances we’re no longer in constant “emergency” mode. Sarah & Will - with Frances

Sexuality on the Brain


Ever heard “Love is a drug”? As soon as we have sex, we are playing with FIRE ! If you want the heat, but not the burn, learn THE LATEST TRUTHS OF DATING, MATING AND RELATING, including the latest on neurobiology, attachment theory, sexual chemistry and conscious choice in our connections. Whether your playing field is short or long-term, casual or committed, there are simple ways to ensure that the love-drug leads you to “more gain, less pain” in your relating experiences. This is a fun, enlightening full day Workshop for men and women to master how to stay on top of the game(s) and to play for the win-win. Ever had times where you felt you lost the plot, or ran away fast, feeling that was a close escape. Or where what seemed a dream turned to nightmare, and now you’d rather stay home and wash your hair/your car. Does it have to be this way? You can feel more empowered in attracting and creating mutually fulfilling, fun, respectful connections. You can feel more confident in ensuring your relationships, whatever their shape and size, are evolutionary not undermining.

In this workshop we share skills in:

  • Co-creating win-win connections using simple effective strategies
  • The latest neurobiology around sex, love, dating and relating
  • Understanding the impact of brain chemistry in your choices
  • Defining the type of relationship you are in, to prevent misunderstandings
  • Initiating conscious conversations around boundaries
  • How not to waste time with unsuitable or mismatched partners
  • Establishing healthy dynamics to play fair and upfront
  • Tapping into your body wisdom for the deeper truth
  • Chemistry vs conscious choice – the left/right brain balance
  • What does neuroscience say about having sex early in a relationship
  • Creating healthy closures for baggage-free re-entry to the next relationship

As well as the latest cutting edge research there will be lots of fun and interactive activities.

Radical Intimacy – Fierce & Fabulous Loving


Master the art of intimate communication – it’s your path to a great relationship. Join us for a delicious day of learning how to relate in a way that gets your innermost desires fulfilled. We all have a birthright to be in a cherishing relationship: to be both cherished and cherish the other.  But do you hesitate to ask for what you want?. Do you know what you want?. Do you know the quality of intimacy you want? Are you getting the connection or spontaneity you want and/or are you stuck in unsatisfying routines?. Do you want to go more deeply with your lover? Is talking about sex a challenge and/or do you want to spice up your sex life and bring more fun into the bedroom? What changes can you make to create more intimacy on an ongoing basis?. Whether single, coupled, or dating, we will share accessible communication techniques and touch skills that will help you open up to each other. Learn ways to weave a “relational culture” into your connections to establish real mutuality. We also share the interpersonal dynamics that can undermine what we most desire, and ways to shift the axis back to what is loving, intimate and relational. We include a mix of interactive activities, case examples and role-plays to ensure this is a deeply experiential day.

We all want quality connections, we want passion and we want to feel close and understood and safe to share our truths. There are actually simple and effective ways to achieve all of this, which we would love to share with you. What you will learn:

  • learn to identify what you truly want
  • learn how to get what you want in intimacy
  • learn what limits you, for example: guilt or shame
  • how to push through your fears to share your desires
  • what changes can be made to create more intimacy on an ongoing basis
  • how to find your voice, speak your truth and express your needs
  • learn simple ways to open conversation to be heard without judgement
  • learn techniques around consent and boundaries
  • how to establish real connection and mutuality
  • learn creative ways to spice things up or rekindle the passion

You can enjoy more open-hearted, expansive, experiences so that your relationships are more relaxed, fun and sustainable. This is a deep, fun and illuminating workshop.

Succulent Singles

You know the type: the relationships you have when you’re not having a relationship!. Once upon a time if you were single, it meant you weren’t having any intimate relationships. Nowadays, that’s not so true. In fact singles are having all sorts of relationships with varying degrees of intimacy, sex and touch. Occasionally however, some people do not treat these relationships with the respect and consideration that ALL relationships require… and so many people find themselves emotionally hurt, withdrawn and battle-weary. Join us for an insightful evening workshop. Frances Amaroux – Lovecoach extraordinaire – has coached 1000s of singles and couples on how to manage these relationships with more honesty, care and consciousness so they are more fun and fulfilling.
  • Have you ever had a ‘Friends with Benefits’, a CuddleBuddy, a Bootycall relationship?
  • Would you benefit from better managing these relationships to ensure they are more fun, conscious and growthful.
  • Find out how to make these new forms of relationships really work for you.
  • Learn vocabulary and guidelines to increase closeness, intimacy and touch whilst being single and supposedly “out of a relationship”..

Attendees will receive a copy of Frances Amaroux’s ‘Succulent Singles” Ebook. A condensation of a longer book she is writing on the topic.  This is an evening event, 7.00pm-9.30pm.